You’ve undoubtedly heard the cliche phrase “Content is King,” and though it’s been said for a while, it’s really never been more true than now. Just consider the research:

When content marketing is done right, it can help your organization earn the trust of consumers — which can ultimately help you earn their business. Our team can help you develop and deploy a robust, effective content marketing program that aligns with your goals.

The Importance of Blogging

Is blogging really that useful? If done right, absolutely! First, blogging is incredibly helpful from an SEO standpoint. Search engines love fresh content and content that successfully targets relevant keywords. With the right set of skills, your blogs can cover both of these search engine essentials and help increase traffic to your website. In fact, according to HubSpot, small businesses who post more than 15 blogs a month see a 5x website traffic increase.

Blogs also can help to build your business as an authority in your industry. This may not result in immediate sales, but over time consumers searching for a product or service online will remember your high-quality, useful content and see your name as a brand they can trust.

Want a way to share company or industry news with your clients? Blogging is a perfect platform for that, too. Writing a blog about a special event or other company news is a great way to get the word out and keep your clients up to date.

Blogging also goes hand in hand with social media. Sharing blogs on popular social media platforms, like Facebook and Twitter, is another way to keep your social media pages updated and to increase engagment on your pages.


Email -> The Answer is in Your Inbox

Having a strategic email marketing plan in place with Franchise Marketing Group can help your franchise inform both existing and potential customers about your business, its services, and your latest announcements and specials.

Your individual franchises have the option to bring new, local business by keeping in touch with former customers and reaching out to new leads. Don’t let your franchise locations suffer due to poor customer retention — consider implementing email marketing with the help of FMG.

Our Business is Your Business to Business

Email marketing is also effective for corporate in reaching out to possible new franchisees, in addition to keeping their current ones in the loop. Sending out monthly B2B newsletters to your various franchises can play a pivotal role in maintaining consistent branding and in ensuring that each one is aware of the company’s goings-on.

Constant Contact

We are well-versed with all of the little intricacies and complexities of email marketing.

We can help you by:

  • developing and adhering to an overall email marketing strategy
  • creating editorial calendars to keep all of your online marketing efforts organized
  • managing your customer subscription base with list segmentation
  • designing custom email templates that work with your franchise’s branding
  • writing text that balances engaging content and sales pitches or specials
  • launching your email marketing campaigns
  • measuring email marketing results to measure success and determine any necessary adjustments to strategy

Press Releases

Whether you are looking to create buzz about a recent partnership or you want to announce the release of a new product or service, press releases are an excellent tool for getting your business’s news out quickly and efficiently. Digital Technologies understands the importance of creating chatter about your latest company news and we have just the team to handle all of your press releases.

press release on laptopCustomizable Levels of Service

Whether you require a one-time press release or you need a dependable partner to handle regular press release announcements, we have the know-how and talent necessary to create impactful and effective press releases. Our results-driven team works to spread your news strategically for high level results.

White Papers

Long-form content offers businesses a distinctive opportunity to promote and educate consumers about their products. Through detailed content generation, our team works to sway decision-making practices using logical argument and intensive research.

Digital Content Persuasion

The awesome power of a well thought out argument has been changing minds and generating swift action for thousands of years. Our team encourages you to use white papers to persuade your readers that your product is best while establishing your company as an authority within your field. White papers are also useful at helping you generate leads, getting more Facebook likes and to make your brand image better.

Long-Form Content Creation Experts

Let our team show you how the skillful construction of white papers can impact your business and your bottom line for the better.

Whiteboard Animation

If you want to put more eyes on your business and gain brand recognition, there’s no better way to do so than with a whiteboard animation video.

When done right, videos can be an integral part of your online marketing efforts. Research shows that:

  • 65% of video viewers watch more than 75% of a video
  • 55% of people watch videos online daily
  • By 2018, videos, including whiteboard animation videos, should account for 79% of all consumer internet traffic

How Your Business Can Use Whiteboard Animation Videos

Whiteboard animation videos are versatile. Whether you want to use them for Facebook ads or standard social media posts, in your email marketing, or as a service spotlight on your website, they’re a visual way to succinctly explain concepts and capture consumer attention.

And they aren’t just limited to online use, too — whiteboard animation can be used at trade shows, played on screens in your lobby, or utilized as client training tools.

Quick, Quality Whiteboard Animation Video Production

At Digital Technologies we produce high-quality whiteboard animation content quickly. Our copywriters will meet with you to get a feel for your business, desired video content, and video application. We’ll take that information and write a killer script that concisely captures what you want. Then, we’ll produce a whiteboard animation video that includes your logo, phone number, and website. From there, you can place it wherever you’d like!