Paid Social Media

In the not-so-distant past, paying for a post to be promoted on social media was seen as frivolous and even desperate. But things have changed. Now, paid campaigns on social media have become a powerful online marketing tool to boost business for companies of all sizes, and the experts at Digital Technologies want to help you take advantage of that.

Bountiful Benefits

There are a number of benefits to employing paid campaigns, rather than merely hoping your post gains some traction.

You’re in control – Paid campaigns let you target specific markets, narrowing them down by demographics such as age, location and interests. So you don’t have to worry about your money being wasted on the wrong audience. Our experts will help you create a plan that caters to your target market.

You’ll be exposed – Because you’re paying money to promote your post or have an ad appear on the sidebar, social media platforms are going to make sure that it is seen. Many paid campaigns are now “above-the-fold,” or visible before a user even scrolls down their feed. This ensures that your promoted post is exposed to a greater number of people. And we will ensure that your post packs a punch and makes an impact worth your money.

You’ll become an authority – You’ll gain traffic when people realize that you are knowledgeable about a certain topic, but there’s an even more subtle psychology to paid campaigns. When audience members recognize that you have paid for a post to be promoted or for an advertisement, they’ll label you as an authority figure. Our marketing experts aim to establish you as a leader in your field with paid campaigns across social media platforms.


Just as the name suggests, remarketing is your solution for retargeting previous social media marketing audiences. The way it works is simple: You can track consumers who have previously clicked through on your paid campaigns – promoted posts or sidebar ads – and later retarget them using very specific criteria to narrow your scope. This way, your conversion rates do not suffer just because your clients are in the wrong stage of the purchasing journey when they see your ad.

The Result?

One of the most impressive benefits of remarketing is that you can target people who have purchased or not purchased the product previously promoted, along with a handful of other specifications. Once this is done, we place specific ads on your chosen platform. Then, as your target consumer browses social media, these advertisements will follow them along for a set period of time as a subtle reminder of what they like about your business. Once our team of experts has set up a remarketing campaign on Facebook or other social media, you can turn it on and off as you see fit to help meet your marketing goals. You can get results from your remarketing campaign when and where you want them.

Reconnect With Remarketing

Remarketing is a powerful tool that allows you to maintain a relationship with a consumer who has already demonstrated interest in your product. Our team helps you to rekindle your connection to your customers at a time when they are likely to purchase, making remarketing a smart way to drive your ROI.


Our culture is becoming increasingly visual — which means that your business has an opportunity to leverage the power of visual media, like videos, in your online marketing. Not sure about the value of video marketing for your company?

There should be nothing stopping you from tapping into the incredible power video services can provide. Sure, you’ve probably got lots of reasons why you haven’t done it: lack of quality content, no time to produce video marketing materials, you’re unsure how to create and optimize video content, you don’t know how to promote it.

Well sorry, your excuses are no longer valid. Digital Technologies captures the power of video marketing and puts it to work for your business.

Video Marketing Services

As a busy businessman or -lady, you may not have the time or specialization you need to create optimized video content that people are actually going to watch.

So that’s where we come in. DTI provides affordable and effective video services to make your company’s message bold and targeted in a brief amount of time.

When it comes to video marketing, we’re with you from start to finish. Our team produces videos that will enhance your online presence. The videos we create are not only targeted marketing tools in terms of content — they’ll also be fully optimized to drive traffic to your website. All of the video marketing content produced by the DTI team is fully search engine-friendly, so you know they’ll be seen by actual consumers.

Real Results

Put your video on your website and watch the traffic and conversions climb, share it on social media and see engagement soar, or add it to your email marketing and count the crazy amounts of click-throughs. Our video marketing content works effectively on multiple platforms, integrating seamlessly with your existing online marketing strategy.

You deserve a team with the skills and talent necessary to create and run your video marketing campaign. Trust DTI to deliver videos that exceed your standards — and real, measurable results that help your business’s bottom line.